Our Objectives

  1. Lessening the burden of African Startups to procure quality legal services which are generally considered expensive.

  2. Ensuring that African entrepreneurs are enlightened on the need to have solid legal frameworks for establishing and building businesses.

  3. Assisting African Startups make better business decisions and building sustainable businesses by relying on sound legal advice from members of the legal community.

  4. Securing investments for African startups, by leveraging on the pro bono partnerships.

  5. Enhancing cross border and transnational African business operations.

  6. Assisting MSMEs prepare and package themselves for funding and investment by addressing legal and business related issues around investments and funding.

  7. Partnering with financial institutions and government institutions across Africa, national and subnational entities to support MSMEs.

  8. Highlighting the invaluable roles of lawyers in Africa’s industrialization and commercial transformation.

  9. Enhancing cross-border legal practice and strengthening ties and partnerships between African Enterprises and member law firms.

  10. Assisting member firms build and organize its pro bono structure and outlook, and to collaborate with their clients in delivering value to the society.

  11. Developing an index of corporate pro bono activities in Africa and African countries.

  12. Building public trust for lawyers in the local communities.

  13. Assisting law firms train their young associates by acquiring new skills and exposure through pro bono

  14. Institutionalizing the pro bono culture in Africa and exploring the unrealized benefits of pro bono.