Unlocking Africa's untapped Economic Potential

Africa is home to innumerable entrepreneurs with profound passion for innovation, creating value across her various regions. Studies show that over 50% of these innovative businesses close shop in their first year, owing largely to lack of funds to pay for basic services, including the much needed legal support at their formative stages.

GreenRidge Foundation provides a platform that connects vision-driven entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with leading corporate Law Firms / Lawyers who guide them through legal and regulatory complexities and help them attain stability and sustainable progress.

How our platform works

GreenRidge is a completely free service and with just a few clicks, any entrepreneur can access top-notch and excellent free legal services. Once your company signs up, we evaluate you based on our eligibility algorithm, and where satisfied we connect you with Law Firms and Lawyers that volunteer to provide a range of transactional and corporate legal services for deserving MSMEs across Africa.

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We are making a difference

We have developed a system that galvanizes Pro Bono legal services and business support for startups and MSMEs, using technological systems and strategic partnerships. Together we hope to create impact and attain the numbers below.

Entrepreneurs supported
in the next 5 years
Worth of pro bono hours generated
in the next 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions. Here are answers to some of them.

GreenRidge Foundation supports a variety of legal requests, from the simple to the more complex. The projects we work on range from everyday legal matters that arise for Startups such as general commercial advice, regulatory compliance, tax, intellectual property, employment issues. We have a full list of services that the law firms can assist with on our homepage.

No. Legal services accessed through GreenRidge Foundation are free, as the law firms have volunteered to render these services pro bono as part of their corporate social responsibility. However, where the engagement requires payment of regulatory or statutory fees or any fees of this category, the pro bono client or startup will bear the full the cost.

On average, it takes approximately three (3) to five (5) working days to find free legal assistance. The timeframe depends on the completeness of information, availability and capacity of lawyers to assist with pro bono work which may be influenced by various factors, including, for example: the practice area where pro bono assistance is sought, the complexity of the project and the time of year.

Yes. Your request and project will only be visible to the lawyers in our network. Lawyers are not only bound by professional ethics to keep their clients’ legal matters confidential but are also bound by GreenRidge Foundation’s Terms and Conditions which require lawyers to keep projects confidential, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Our Partners

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